Wild Devil

Software Co.

Local and independent software engineering studio in Hobart, Tasmania. Tailored to deliver mobile applications, websites and other business solutions.

Building custom solutions for business's of all sizes.

A decade of experience building mobile applications, websites, and ecommerce stores for local tasmanian business. Working with you to design, build and publish software for your business.

High Quality

All of our products are delivered with a high quality interface that is modern and intuitive to use. We ensure our products are free of defects.


With continuous updates during each stage of development, your feedback and direction is key to building a product for your needs.

Global Access

For local business's with a global reach, deployment options are available for any region. Support for multiple languages can be provided.

Business Automation

Save time by automating repetitive tasks with custom utility software. Process complex algorithms, models and data to build custom solutions.

Locally Made

All of our products are made locally using ethical resources. We seek solutions to respect the privacy of users, and ensure all personal information is secured.

Alerts & Monitoring

Monitoring support for critical systems with automatic alerts to ensure the availability of services. Additional analytical metrics and reports can be provided for services and apps.

Latest Releases

Apps, Websites & Services

Explore some of the projects delivered by the studio.

Features 01
A cookbook for your cravings.


Hungry and lacking inspiration? Cravings, but not sure what to eat? Want someone else to decide for you?

Studio Waratah presents Cravebook, the app that takes the pressure from meal times. We provide you with a recipe book full of meal suggestions based on your cravings. Select your cravings and scroll through the results to find your inspiration.

  • A native iOS application for iPhone.
  • A backend and database with admin access.
  • A unique and custom search algorithm for recipes.
Features 02
Private mood sharing.


A simple social media app to share your mood with another device. Receive a notification when their mood is changed, and easily choose from a set of options to change yours. Each mood shows a different color theme on the linked device.

  • A native iOS application for iPhone and iPad.
  • A custom backend and database.
  • Advanced linking handshake for connecting devices.
Features 03
A sleeping assistant.

Night Terrors

Sleep assisting software that monitors movement patterns throughout the night to play a sound and wake you when significant movement is detected. Advanced motion detection algorithms are used to process sensor data from the devices' inbuilt accelerometer to detect sleep paralysis, night terrors and nightmares.

  • A native iOS application for iPhone and iPad.
  • Advanced motion sensor algorithm to monitor sleep.
  • Privacy centered with on-device data processing.

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